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Cleaning of aluminum doors and frames

Aluminum doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας – and frames do not require special maintenance. However, cleaning is deemed necessary when deposits of dust or other contaminants are evident on the surface of the frames and should be done with water and cleaning products that have a pH between 5.5 and 8.

In order to ensure the good quality of the doors and the frames manufactured and installed by the manufacturer over time, you should maintain the following parts at regular intervals:

Mechanisms – hinges: All the movable parts of the frame and the hinges must be lubricated every six (6) months with a spray or silicone grease.

Tires: Must be sprayed with the same spray or silicone grease, and wiped with a clean cloth.

The profiles: They must be cleaned with mild detergent and lukewarm – cold water and a soft cloth (not wires and hard sponges) to remove dust particles and others mainly in the corners.

Alfino Door products bearing the Seaside Class special marking have been specially treated with the aim of greater protection against corrosion in a particularly burdened environment (e.g. seaside). Especially for houses located near the sea or in places with a strongly acidic environment, security door maintenance should be more frequent.

Washing the profiles with a pressure machine or a watering hose is not recommended. There is a risk of overflowing the drainage sinks that carry the profiles, while it is also possible for permanent moisture to form at the base of the glass which will affect its waterproofing and cause moisture to penetrate the gap of the insulating glass.

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