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How to deal with plumbing problems in winter

Preparing your home and business for the winter months is a process that can save you a lot of trouble. Regular inspection and maintenance of your plumbing is a process by Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου is something that you should plan at every change of season. To keep the space in excellent condition, we have prepared some easy tips on how to deal with plumbing problems in winter.

Are the pipes properly insulated?

One of the first issues that should concern you is the insulation of your external hydraulic piping. Buy a thick layer of insulation to wrap your pipes. These insulating mats are made of fiberglass or polyethylene and can be purchased online or at a hardware store.

For extra protection, wrap your home pipes with thermal tape before applying the insulation. This gives them extra protection from low temperatures and frost. To avoid breaking your external pipes, turn off their supply and drain the water inside.

The water running in these outdoor installations can freeze the pipes, causing leaks and cracks. Frozen plumbing systems can cause serious damage. Emptying the pipes before the winter months will help avoid costly problems.

Are the gutters clogged?

Clean your gutters of leaves and debris that may have blocked them. Before sudden storms and severe weather hit your city, plan to block the gutter of your home and business. Snow and ice falling over a clogged gutter can cause problems in your plumbing without you expecting it. Some of these problems are floods and broken pipes. To avoid such situations you should periodically check that all external drains and drainage siphons are clean and free to accept water.

How to protect your plumbing inside?

During the winter months, in addition to the insulation of the external hydraulic systems, we must also take care of their internal insulation in a way. On cold nights you can rinse your toilets and sinks with alcohol. The alcohol contained in the alcohol will prevent the water in the pipes from freezing.

Of course, there are many who recommend the use of car antifreeze. It would of course be something you should avoid because it can worsen your hydraulic system and contaminate the water. Commercial non-toxic antifreeze is commercially available and can be used without fear.

Keep the temperature in your home constant

The constant temperature in the space of your house is proven to help the pipes inside it to transfer some of their heat to the outside. The measure we apply without understanding the reason on icy winter nights is to let at least one or more taps drip.

Leaving the kitchen and bathroom cabinets open, the plumbing pipes under the sinks acquire a constant temperature. So the water that flows in them prevents them from freezing.

Are the drains blocked?

Winter is a time of year that gives us many opportunities to cook more due to the holidays and the cold weather. So the time we spend in the kitchen increases the chances due to grease and detergents to clog the sewer pipe.

A smart way to avoid nasty surprises is to watch what we let pass through the drains. Oil and fats from certain foods should not be found in the pipes. It would be good to throw them in the trash during the winter months.

If you notice that your pipes have a blockage point, you can repair it with a solution of hot water and detergent.

How do I know if I have an icy tube?

Due to the high pressure that the pipes receive when the water freezes inside them, there is a high probability that it will cause a crack or break. Such a problem will definitely lead to flooding in your home and costly repairs. So to find out in time if you have an icy pipe, inspect and observe your plumbing.

Plastic pipes when they freeze change their shape and swell. Otherwise the metal pipes are difficult to detect, as the symptoms can be observed only during their use. A good example is when the water pressure is weak or the toilet bowl is not full.

In both cases, before you try to solve the problem yourself, call Αποφράξεις Αθήνα. Well-trained plumbers will help you and solve the problem you face directly and responsibly.

How can I deal with an icy tube on my own?

Proper handling of an icy pipe can help reduce the biggest problems in our professional or home space. Following these simple steps may reduce the potential cost of a total disaster.

Locate the frozen pipe and its location. If you can access the spot then you have many options for thawing it. Turn on the hot water supply and let it run to help ensure that ice melt and steam can escape from the open tap.

One of the easiest ways to defrost a tube is by using a hair dryer. Just open the hair dryer and turn the heat on the tube, starting at the part closest to the tap. Take proper precautions and avoid contact with water while operating the appliance. Another method of defrosting the tube is to use a heat lamp or portable space heater. or to wrap towels soaked in hot water.

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