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SEO for Bing: Top Tips

Ever since Bing was released by Microsoft it has generated a lot of interest and speculation especially in the SEO industry. Bing is quite different from the other major search engines especially Google and with good reason.

Bing was intended to be a heavier player and was expected to steal a major share from Google however this isn’t the first time that a new player has tried to steal the thunder from Google hence it is unlikely that Bing will manage to steal more than a fair share of the market.

The first impression about the Bing site is ‘cute’ but there are many other websites out on the internet with their own version of graphic frills. The major difference between Bing.com and the other ‘cute’ search engines is the powerful search engine algorithm of Bing.com which does throw up relevant results.

It is this relevant search results that cause worries to many SEO experts. The search results of Bing.com are relevant but very different from Google. You can compare side-by-side the search results of Bing.com, Google and Bingle to check the differences for yourself.

What makes Bing different is its algorithm hence there are different SEO strategies that need to be employed to optimize websites for Bing. However what you need to consider before you end up investing more than expected is how great a competitor will Bing be to Google.


Backlinks have always formed an important part of SEO friendly websites but Backlinks are of little or no importance on Bing. The top 10 results comparison between Bing and Google will show that the winners on Bing have very little Backlinks.

Anchor Texts

Anchor texts have always been important for SEO rankings. Bing has maintained the importance of inbound anchor texts. Hence including anchor texts will surely help you to rank well on Bing and Google.

Link Spamming

As already mentioned that Backlinks hold little or no importance for Bing, link spamming will not help you either. Quantity of links irrespective of their quality will not make any difference to the SEO rankings on Bing.

Onpage Factors

In comparison to Google, the onpage factors matter more with Bing.com. Though this is a controversial point yet to be proved, SEO experts are still divided on the importance of onpage factors with Bing


Bing unlike Google pays more attention to the authority of websites. This is extremely bad news for bloggers and websites of small businesses. Age of the domain matters the most to Bing while indexing the websites on search results. Hence the search results will be skewed in favor of older sites and websites of large authoritative organizations.

Fresh Content

Content is king in terms of SEO but with Bing fresh content does not seem to matter so much. Since the search results are related to age you end up seeing ancient pages rank higher than fresher pages.

Bing being Flash friendly has definitely upped its popularity among web designers. But since their algorithm is still not publicly available it is still too early to say which factors are given more importance with Bing.

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